Our next free workshop date is:
25th & 26th April 2020

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Selection process

Our next free workshop date is: 25th and 26th April Book your place today!

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There are three stages to our selection process

We aim to be the best in our particular field and to surpass our student’s expectations; our teaching methods are unique, supportive, warm and friendly.

Stage one

Unlike most training providers, Inspire Hypnotherapy are extremely cautious regarding the people that we choose to invite on our complimentary foundation weekend and to stay on and complete the rest of our course. Students are chosen not for their academic abilities but on a caring and kind attitude to life and compassion to help others.

Apply on line for a complimentary place on our foundation weekend. Be sure to fill out the part of the form that says ‘PLEASE TELL US WHY YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE CONSIDERED FOR A FREE PLACE’

We will then evaluate your application and decide whether to give you a call for a brief telephone interview.

Stage two

Depending on what you have written on your application form, one of our tutors will call you for a brief selection interview. We are interested in your view to life, people, and your general character.

Assuming everything goes well here, you will be invited to take part in our complimentary foundation weekend. We won’t ask you for a credit card or one single penny.

You have a choice too and if you decide that the course is not really for you or you find that you are unable to make the foundation weekend, please be courteous and let us know in good time as we only have limited places on our courses, we can then offer a place to others on our Free weekend waiting list.

Stage three

After completing the complimentary foundation weekend, certificates will be awarded and the majority of students will be invited to take part on the whole practitioner level hypnotherapy training course.

Don’t let this process be of concern to you as it is not often that we reject anyone at this stage. Of course, we respect your choice too you may find that the course is not for you and if this is the case then that’s absolutely fine. We believe in freedom of choice and we respect your decision and you DO NOT owe us one single penny.

Our hypnotherapy training courses are fully supported and accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards

The course was very informative interesting and easy to digest. Changed my life in so many ways. I couldn’t have asked for any 2 people to be as welcoming, energetic and who made this course for me. I struggled on my first day as I suffered from anxiety around other people. They helped me feel at ease within the environment and I found it so simple to bond with the whole group with their help.

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