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25th & 26th April 2020

Free foundation weekend
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Free Foundation Weekend (Module One)

Practitioner Level Certification: Free Foundation Weekend followed by weekends 2-10

10 Month Accredited Training Course

Pay- as-you-Go £200 per module

Our Practitioner Level Certification consists of a Free Foundation Weekend – Module One completely free, at no cost to you
Modules 2-10 by selection after completion of the free weekend.

General Hypnotherapy Standards Council validated training.

Please note that the Diploma and acceptance as a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register will only be awarded on completion of all course modules and the receipt of any outstanding payments.

I found my hypnotherapy session with Jane to be extremely relaxing and helpful. Jane’s manner and tone of voice was very comforting and I was surprised how easily and quickly I found myself in such a relaxed state. Overall the experience was pleasant and successful, and I would highly recommend Jane’s services.

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