Jane White Dip. Hyp.
I.S.C.H. | G.Q.H.P. | G.H.R.

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Who is Inspire Hypnotherapy?

Inspire Hypnotherapy is a confidential and professional therapeutic service providing effective hypnotherapy in a calm and relaxing environment, the purpose of which is to help people overcome a number of unwanted behaviours including fears, phobias, anxiety and stress related conditions.  It is also a proven effective therapy for smoking cessation and weight reduction.

Hypnotherapy is a very powerful and successful therapeutic tool that has helped many people, from all walks of life, overcome negative thoughts, emotions and behaviours enabling them to live fulfilling, positive and greatly enriched lives.

To book a telephone free consultation please contact Jane at Inspire hypnotherapy on 07729 673626 or email: janewhite@inspirehypnotherapy.co.uk Home visits are available on request

About Me

I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a registered as practitioner with the General Hypnotherapy Council. I am passionate about helping people live the life they were born to live through carefully managed hypnotherapy sessions and discovering how to best utilise hypnotherapy to help you achieve this goal.  I have previously worked as an Employability skills trainer assisting people to recognise their work place skills and personal abilities to encourage them to move into work that they find fulfilling.

I also have delivered a number of confidence building and self-esteem workshops.  As a hypnotherapist, I intend to continue to help people to overcome obstacles in their lives and to remove their internal barriers that have previously prevented  individuals from living the lives they were meant to live.


I found my hypnotherapy session with Jane to be extremely relaxing and helpful. Jane’s manner and tone of voice was very comforting and I was surprised how easily and quickly I found myself in such a relaxed state. Overall the experience was pleasant and successful, and I would highly recommend Jane’s services.

Pam Tiffin

Hypnotherapy can help with weight reduction, overcoming fears, and stopping smoking. Read more about our hypnotherapy services.

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